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Things to do

Each street has its own hallmark, ones full of hustles and bustles as SaiGon commercial ones and others lined with greenery shadows, tinged with its own tranquility, soothing Hanoi suns. Nothing can be compared with a morning walk around Sword Lake (Hoan Kiem Lake) which refreshes us after hardworking hours and guides us to ancient Tortoise Tower, taking us back to an enduring legend i.e. Kim Quy God ascending from Lake Floor, holding a gold sword in his mouth that LeLoi king gave back after conquering enemies. 

Sublime Pen Tower (Thap But), Red The Huc bridge, TranQuoc Pagoda with its bells toiling in tune with thin misty layers in early Hanoi winter mornings, all seem to take visitors out of the mundane world.

Afternoons, basking with sunshine, walk around West Lake to see the Lake’s immenseness, radiant faces of youngsters flocking to an August Quan Thanh, evocative of Hanoi highs and lows, and enjoy the blowing winds. Back to Quang Ba area across Phu Tay Ho, nestling in luxuriant gardens are now inviting villas and luxurious mansions.

Hanoi is more sacred than ever.  Quoc Tu Giam- Van Mieu temple, echoes the soul of the nation. It is the place that sees a series of Doctorates’ epitaphs.  Visitors will enjoy touching every epitaph, reading the complimentary lines for their great deeds of different dynasties such as Le Quy Don, Mac Dinh Chi and Luong The Vinh. Alters, in remembrance of Le kings, are redolent of incenses. Crossing Van Cac Gate, stepping onto Trinh yard, everywhere is seen with a touch of nation’s glorious past.

When winters set in, Hanoi is so lovely with uniquely typical Northern spells. Such colds are specialties for Southerners who just know warm suns. 

Winter over, spring approaching promises the blossoming of flower buds. Hanoi, at that time, is definitely a beautiful picture, outshining from naïve pink cheeks of Hanoi pubescent girls to pale pink branches of peach, which flutters travelers’ heart. Hanoi especially sinks in deep pinkness of peach trees from different regions on Tet holiday. Lonesome Bang trees are deciduous, left with full red leaves.

Hanoians also pay great attention to fashion, clothes hence seasonally designed regarding styles, color cues. People of different ages and gender, each has their own style that cannot be found anywhere else.

Hanoi today is open to all international tourists visiting and investing. Hanoi changes with every hour, more and more projects invested and edifices built. Hanoi is on the way to industrialization and modernization, but its cultural identity remains status quo. Hanoians with their great resilience, aesthetics, cultivated through thousands of years, still preserve Hanoi quintessence- admirable politeness of Hanoians. However travelers to Hanoi should not missed the following attractions:

Take a ride on a cyclo to explore the 36 streets is one of the most interesting experience. A walk in the West lake is also very beautiful. A water puppet show is a must to see in Hanoi.

Another thing you could not miss is Hanoi delicacy. Hanoi is famous for the Pho noodle soup, Bun Cha grilled meat, Cha ca grilled fish and of course a fresh beer.

Heading out of Hanoi you could find many tradditional villages and pagodas. Those villages are very old handicraft factory which some still reserved the tradditional manufacture way until today. One of the very interesting village you should visit:

Top pagodas and temples around Hanoi: